Downsize Toolkit - Your customized Roadmap

A DIY plan if you're getting ready to downsize. This is what you need if you have the hands/help but don't know where to start or what to do. We'll create a customized plan with all the local resources you need.

The Arange Downsize Toolkit

One of the things we wanted to do when we built our company was offer a wide variety of services, reflected in the "a range" side of our name. When we heard, over and over again, that people wanted to downsize on their own but didn't know what to do, we know we could help. 

The challenge -

Clients who are considering a downsize but don't know where to start, or how to accomplish what they need to once they do get started. Smart, hardworking people that just haven't done this kind of thing before but want to accomplish it on their own (or with the help of family and friends).

The solution -

A customized toolkit with specific "directions" on how to get started and how to accomplish your goal with all the tips, tools and resources you need. Get the benefit of our experience and expertise but minimize the expense by doing the work yourself. We'll visit you at your home, understand your situation/goals and do a detailed walk through of every room, cabinet, closet, garage, attic and outdoor space. We'll then develop a downsize "toolkit" just for you with :

Along with these tools, we include lots of the supplies you'll need (a dot guide to help identify what's what in your home, post-its, sharpies, etc) in a binder so you can keep everything related to this transition organized and in one place. You'll find lots of great downsizing guides available but none like this ... one specifically designed for you and your home.

Pricing for this service is the same as one full day of organizing (currently $500). The service includes several hours in you home with you to understand your particular situation, development of the detailed plan included in the toolkit and personal delivery of the toolkit to your home. We'll review the plan in depth with you (in person) and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. 

Perhaps best of all, the service doesn't end with delivery of the toolkit -  you'll have an expert to reach out to should you have questions or hit a roadblock as you progress through the process!