Project Management

Project Management

Our project management services are listed below, but remember, all these services can be customized based on your individualized situation. We can help as much (or as little) as you need and, on your timetable. 


Project Management

There is a tremendous amount of inspiration and pressure to live in the “home of your dreams” with all websites, apps, and TV shows on home improvement. If you’re an expert DIY craftsman, recreating those inspirational Pinterest posts in your own home, good for you!  If you’re not, like the rest of us, realizing your dreams of home improvement, can be complicated and time consuming.  Beyond the expense of these projects, most of us struggle to find the time to plan and oversee the work. We can help …

What we can do ...

As with all our services we can help as much or as little as you need. From overseeing full-house renovations to small home repairs, we can help you :

  • translate your “vision” into an actual plan, establish a budget and calendar for your project 
  • research and select materials like paint colors, carpet, hardwood, cabinetry, closet organization systems, window treatments, etc.
  • select the right professionals, such as general contractors and/or individual tradespeople, to complete the work you want done
  • manage timelines and coordinate the efforts of various tradespeople
  • monitor the quality and timeliness of the work as it progresses
  • maintain consistent communication with the general contractor and tradespeople
  • develop “punch lists” at the end of the project and follow up to ensure all work is completed to your satisfaction 

We have a long list of professionals that we have worked with and trust. We’ll bring you options but don’t “push” any particular contractor or vendor, nor do we receive any commissions from them. We encourage our clients to get a few estimates on projects and select the vendor they feel most comfortable with. We will happily share our thoughts and opinions if asked.

A little “refresh” for the house while you’re on vacation

Some work can be very intrusive (floor refinishing, interior painting) and is best to be done when you’re not at home. Imagine leaving for a couple of weeks at the beach and returning to a newly painted home with gleaming floors and new floor coverings. Let us help you plan it out before you leave then manage the process while you're gone!