Arange specializes in helping customer downsize, providing a little or as much help as you need. Let us help you get ready for your move, manage the relocation and get settled in your new residence.

Downsizing & Move Management

There are lots of things to accomplish when you’re rightsizing your life … and we can help with all of them.


Before the move

As you get ready to relocate, we can help you sort through and organize what you want to take with you and what you don’t. We’ll help you identify what you want to give to family/friends, sell donate and/or dispose of. We measure everything you want to take and create a scaled floor plan so you can see how your things will fit and look at possible scenarios for arranging your rooms.


Arange brings you a wide range of resources to help you find a home for those things you won’t be taking with you. We will introduce you to local estate sale companies, specialty companies (for collections like stamps, trains, figurines, etc.) and auction companies. We also work closely with charitable organizations and can set up donation pick-ups for items that you wish to donate. We’ll provide you with an inventory list and receipts for your files.

We deal with your documents as well, organize what you need to take with you, recycle old papers, magazines, etc. that you’re not taking and arrange for shredding of any confidential documents.

The move

We have great relationships with professional movers in the area who understand our moving process – making the move efficient and smooth. We will assist in reviewing any estimates and helping you to find the mover that best meets your needs. Once you’ve chosen the moving company, we’ll coordinate all of the particulars such as dates, times, the size of the crew, securing loading docks and elevators in your current home and your new residence, and making sure all details are in place.

We can oversee the move if you want additional peace of mind. With the help of our floor plan and a digital camera, we’ll recreate what you loved about your last home and create new spaces to enjoy. We can organize your items in your new closets and storage areas and, of course, rework anything that doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Unpacking and Settling-In

If you’ve ever moved, you’ll remember what the house looked like when the mover left, with piles of boxes and furniture. That’s not what happens with an Arange move … we come in with a small team, unpack all the boxes and put it all away (and organize it too). We place furniture exactly where it should go, set up lamps, accessories, and electronics. We work with you to determine the best spots for your art and photographs and hang it on the wall. If there’s an attic or garage, we’ll set that up and organize it as well. When we’re ready to leave, you’re ready to live … just sit down, relax and enjoy!

Why hire someone when you could do the work yourself?

There are benefits that extend well beyond simply accomplishing the physical work. Here are 4 advantages of bringing in a professional to help:

1.     Maintaining Independence and control – getting some help allows you to keep control of every phase of the process and every decision. Having experts on hand can help you think through the decisions you have to make and provide unbiased information. It's done the way you want, how you want and when you want. Without the stress of “getting it all done”, you can make well thought out, well informed and independent choices. Without the burden of the workload, you'll give yourself the ability to pay attention to all the details, giving you more confidence in what you've done. You've ensured an organized and dignified transition … exactly what you want, need and deserve.

2.  Decreased family stress - this is a big one! Even the most well-adjusted families strain under the pressure of the complexity and stress of a project like this. I’m not suggesting that family can't or shouldn't help, they should. But, if there's a third party focused solely on the needs/wants of their client with practical, unbiased ideas and opinions, there is far less emotion. There’s also a side benefit … without the the mental and physical burden, the family can focus on the parent or relative and their emotional needs during the transition. They can focus on the person while we focus on their “stuff”.

3.     Built in problem solving – projects can hit a bump or two. With a professional on your side you've got someone with the both the expertise to foresee potential problems and the skills to solve them when they do happen. They'll either know the solution or be able to quickly research so that you have the information you need to look at the problem and feel confident in the solution you choose to stay on track.

4.  Avoid the potential of being exploited – downsizers bring with them a network of trusted and tested service providers. You won't have to worry about finding, trusting and following up with contractors, movers, estate sellers, etc. Those service providers have relationships with the downsizing company that they need to protect, guaranteeing you fair pricing, great service and quality work.