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CHKD Thrift Stores

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Charity Navigator

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Wheels for Wishes (benefits the Make A Wish Foundation)


Real Simple

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Determining the value of donations - IRS

Products we like : - Creative ways to display many memories in one frame

Incoming! Managing junk mail and unwanted calls - In five easy steps :

1.     Stop Unwanted Calls - Get on the “do not call” registry. This only works on your personal landline and cell phones, not at work. Simply call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone you want to impact or visit and confirm your request when they email you in response. Once it’s set up, it stay in effect until you request otherwise or the line is disconnected.

2.     Stop Unwanted Mail – Visit to get off most mailing lists. This will stop mailings, catalogs and some charitable solicitations. This won’t impact mail from companies you are already doing business with, if you prefer. It can take up to 90 days to take full effect. I'll also be listing some other sites that can help with this below, but DMAChoice is the primary site to visit and will prevent the majority of junk mail. To prevent even more mail, opt out via to sites listed later in this post.

3.     Stop Unwanted Credit Solicitations – Call 1-888-567-8688 or visit You'll have to option to opt out for either five years or permanently. For cards you already have, ask those companies to put you on their “in-house” list so that your information is not shared.

4.     Stop Unwanted Phone Books – visit and  to opt out.

5.     Stop Unwanted Charitable Solicitation Calls and Mail – this is the most difficult to prevent but there are some things you can do. Make larger donation to fewer organizations versus many small donations. Ask organizations that you donate to “opt out” and not sell or rent your information. Registering on the site (above) will reduce the solicitation mail. Calls are the toughest to stop, but when you do get a call, simply use the script below to impact future calls :

“Hello, I appreciate the work you’re doing, and I realize it’s your job but I’d rather not get these calls. Please put me on your Do Not Call list. Also, does your organization make calls for any other charities? Yes, please put me on those Do Not Call lists as well. Your floor manager has a form you can fill in to remove me from all the databases, and I’m happy to wait on the phone while you do it. Thank you.”

Additional sites to help you manage junk mail :

 1.     Visit to stop catalogues from coming that you don't want. You can also sign up to receive catalogues you do want.

2.     Visit to opt out on their site

3.     Stop those thick Valpak envelopes by visiting or call 1-727-399-3000

4.     There are paid services (nominal fees) like and that offer to help you stop the junk mail and can help if some does slip through.