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Arange is a Hampton Roads based business assisting clients with downsizing, assisted living moves, unpacking & settling in and residential organization.

If you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of a transition, or just want to improve your current situation, we can help!

Downsizing & Move Management - We can assist with any aspect of rightsizing, from getting ready to relocate, straight through to settling you in quickly after the move … no matter how long you’ve been in your home.

Moves to Assisted Living - This is a specific kind of downsizing, one that usually needs to happen quickly with as little upheaval as possible. We can help you achieve both.

Unpack & Settle - If you need help with a move before, during or after … we can help. Imagine being fully settled in your new home just 1-2 days after the mover leaves, it’s completely possible!

Residential Organizing - While we help people in transition, we can also help if you’re staying in place but want things to look and work better for you and your family.

Thank you so very much for the work you and your staff did in setting up and completing our move. It was a move that I’ll remember pleasantly. Again, thank you for the excellent work you all did.
— Martha & Gene, Williamsburg, VA
Thank you so much for all you did. It truly made all the difference. We love the apartment and love feeling settled so quickly. The settle-in team was amazing! I hope not to be moving again, but if I do you will be one of my first calls.
— Patrice, Norfolk, VA
Everything from our first phone call until the last box was removed was handled with professionalism and care. The ladies you provided to pack, unpack and arrange in the apartment were quick, thorough and caring. I was amazed by their dedication.
— Larry (son of client), Raleigh, NC
The new assisted living apartment is absolutely beautiful. I love how her husband’s name is on the sunny window sill and you can see the crepe myrtle outside. The groupings of pictures — it feels like her beauty is everywhere. You really did great. What you do is so much more than I ever imagined, thank you!
— Cindy Brookshire, Raleigh, NC
For sure, I know my best decision of 2019 is and will be using Arange for my downsizing, moving and unpacking.

The help in reducing my “stuff” was amazing. You all were so well organized. Particularly outstanding was sorting stuff into move, donate, scrap. It was really nice to see how much effort you put into the donate, packing for DAV to pick up. Then the actual pack, move, unpack and put away in one day was amazing; even the hanging of pictures and putting things on shelves was great.

You all truly exceeded my expectations. Thanks for everything.
— Larry C, Newport News, VA
Absolutely amazing!!! They were fast, efficient, organized and so incredibly helpful! Their “settling in” service is hands down the ONLY way to move. Amazing team of professionals- worth every penny!
— Kristina Wolf - Norfolk
Your caring and professional handling of my mother’s recent move and downsizing is so appreciated! You handled all details, leaving us time to help transition her to her new assisted living apartment, which I might add was stunningly beautiful! Everything was done, including organization and pictures hung. Amazing! Our family cannot thank you and your team enough.
— Polly & Alex, Norfolk
After 35 years of marriage, and moving for the first time, this was a real step of faith, but you were true to your word and we are ecstatic with the results! It’s absolutely amazing ...
— Stan & Linda Brown , Suffolk
Thanks so much for your excellent service and for taking such good care of my mom! It is obvious that you love what you do and are great at it.
— Ashley Swindell (daughter of client) Norfolk
We know that the word “awesome” is used by many people for things that aren’t. But your complete job from first visit to packing and moving us out and in and interior design of our apartment placement as if we lived here forever to finally having our old house cleaned was ABSOLUTELY-AWESOME! We can’t thank and praise you enough for taking us through this monumental transition.
— Charles Beitz, Norfolk
Just want to thank you again for everything. I don’t know how we would have managed without you! Every time I look around the apartment, I see you and Richard and your crew working your magic here, and the results are just beautiful. Having ourselves “Aranged” turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made!
— Jane Irtenkauf, Hampton, Virginia