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Interested in working with us? Learn more about us, the work we do and  how you can build a career with Arange.

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If you are interested in joining the dynamic industry of senior move management and have a passion for helping others, working with Arange may be right for you.  Our organizing assistants sign up for the jobs and schedule that suit their lifestyle, and skip the ones that don’t. You'll enjoy our clients and our team ... we work hard but have fun doing it!

What kinds of specific skills do you need? Skills vary by job, please see the job description posted below for that role's specific needs.

What are the hours?  The hours you work are completely up to you. We'll invite you to join us on jobs and you'll pick the jobs that work with your schedule. The number of weekly hours vary, but in general it's in the range of 8-30 hour a week.

How much will you earn? Arange is committed to paying a living wage with hourly rates influenced by skill and experience.

Where will you be working? All jobs are located in our area of service (basically from Williamsburg to Virginia Beach and the surrounding communities). All jobs are in residential houses, condos and/or apartments possibly with stairs.   

How many people work on a job? You'll always have at least one person with you, some jobs may have teams up to 5-6 people. 

What kind of equipment will you use? We use small tools (box cutter, pliers, screwdrivers, etc.), label makers, a vacuum, lots of plastic bins and trash bags, sometimes a drill. We will have all of the necessary tools on site unless we specifically ask you to bring something with you.

What kinds of work is involved?  We do a lot of sorting and organizing, purging and moving things from place to place.

Do you need any special training? Beyond a general knowledge of organizing, no. We're always there with you and can answer any questions you might have.

Are there physical requirements? You'll need to be able to pick things up, push/pull and carry them around (up to 50 lbs.). You may also need to stand, walk, sit, type, climb, reach out and above your shoulders, twist/turn, squat/kneel. 

What jobs are available now?

Organizing Assistants

If you're interested and think you'd enjoy the work we do, please send along your contact details by filling out the form below. Please use the "message" section for any addition info you think might be helpful or to ask any questions. We'll reach out as soon as possible during business hours ..

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