What our clients have to say

What our customers have to say about Arange ...

Patrice H, Norfolk, VA

Thank you so much for all you did. It truly made all the difference. We love the apartment and love feeling settled so quickly. The settle-in team was amazing. I still can’t believe they found a place for everything I brought over. I’m sure Lisa can’t believe that either, but they did. I gave your information to our realtor and have been recommending you to others as well. I hope not to be moving again, but if I do you will be one of my first calls.

Danny G (son of client), Raleigh, NC

Thank you so much for your help with this move. Everything from our first phone call until the last box was removed was handled with professionalism and care. The ladies you provided to pack, unpack and arrange in the apartment were quick, thorough and caring. I was amazed by their dedication.
Again, thank you for making a difficult situation smooth and efficient.

Martha & Gene Clements, Williamsburg, VA

Thank you so very much for the work you and your staff did in setting up and completing our move. It was a move that I’ll remember pleasantly. Again, thank you for the excellent work you all did. The most amazing thing was your being able to take a vacation while your staff did the work for us. If we can ever be of help in marketing your work, please let us know.

Cindy (client’s daughter in law), Raleigh, NC

The new assisted living apartment is absolutely beautiful. I love how her husband’s name is on the sunny window sill and you can see the crepe myrtle outside. The two oriental prints behind the front door were brought back from Japan by her son. The groupings of pictures — it feels like her beauty is everywhere. You really did great.

To me, it’s like a room in heaven, where you walk in and see all your most favorite things. Amazing work! What struck me was you captured her beauty. Everything about the apartment is so feminine, and reflects what she was, and is. So many of your groupings and focal points are true to her, and the people she loves. What you do is so much more than I ever imagined, thank you!

Larry C, Newport News, VA

For sure, I know my best decision of 2019 is and will be using Arange for my downsizing, moving and unpacking.

The help in reducing my “stuff” was amazing. You all were so well organized. Particularly outstanding was sorting stuff into move, donate, scrap. It was really nice to see how much effort you put into the donate, packing for DAV to pick up. Then the actual pack, move, unpack and put away in one day was amazing; even the hanging of pictures and putting things on shelves was great.

You all truly exceeded my expectations. Thanks for everything.

Ashley Swindell (client’s daughter), Norfolk, VA

Thanks so much for your excellent service and for taking such good care of my mom! It is obvious that you love what you do and are great at it.

Jane Irtenkauf, Hampton, VA

Just want to thank you again for everything. I don’t know how we would have managed without you! Every time I look around the apartment, I see you and Richard and your crew working your magic here, and the results are just beautiful. Having ourselves “Aranged” turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made!

Charles Beitz, Norfolk, VA

Hi Lisa, sorry it took so long to tell you how pleased with all your professional work and efforts with our move from Etna to Warwick Forest—we definitely couldn’t have stayed sane without you. We know that the word “awesome” is used by many people for things that aren’t. But your complete job from first visit to packing and moving us out and in and interior design of our apartment placement as if we lived here forever to finally having our old house cleaned was ABSOLUTELY-AWESOME! We can’t thank and praise you enough for taking us through this monumental transition. And we sold our house already!

Stan & Linda Brown, Suffolk, VA

Just had to pause a few moments to thank the team of experts at arange, Lisa & Richard, for an awesome job of transforming our “stuff” into an organized, downsized, simple lifestyle that matches your comment, “Live in Ready”, in your brochure. After 35 years of marriage, and moving for the first time, this was a real step of faith, but you were true to your word and we are ecstatic with the results! It’s absolutely amazing how our possessions took on a professional look with your magical touch in just one day!
We’re speaking your praises to those who want to know about “the move”, and those who don’t. You took us from A to Z, including ALL the details, and we have NO complaints.

Polly & Alex Parker, Norfolk, VA

Your caring and professional handling of my mother’s recent move and downsizing is so appreciated! You handled all details, leaving us time to help transition her to her new assisted living apartment, which I might add was stunningly beautiful! Everything was done, including organization and pictures hung. Amazing! Our family cannot thank you and your team enough.

Bill, Melbourne Beach, FL

We hired Arange to remodel and otherwise assist with organizing my mother’s apartment, I’m very happy to highly recommend them. They are professional, a pleasure to work with, and helped my family in what was, by all accounts, a difficult time.

Wendy Livingstone, Yorktown, VA

"I was given some information about companies that could possibly help and after a few phone interviews found someone we really liked who, believe it or not, could facilitate a move in under 5 days!!! Today we had our initial walk through/meeting with Richard from Arange and I have to say this is such a GODSEND... They helped my in-laws choose what would/could go to their new home. Tomorrow they spend the day sorting and packing.... Then a little more packing on Saturday. Sunday they move, unpack and set up the new apartment... Including making the bed, putting everything away and even hanging the photos. They gave us so much direction today and shared wisdom from their experience and even diffused a few tense moments with humor."

"If you are local I can't recommend them highly enough. If you aren't, look for someone like this in your area if the need arises. It is worth every penny."

Suzannah Foley, Suffolk, VA

"Lisa, Richard, and the team are amazing!! Beyond professional, efficient and so wonderful to work with. Worked around me taking breaks with two little kids and barky dogs :) Especially pleased with Suzanne and Matt. Whether it's helping you downsize/declutter, organize or just setting up house ... Arange is top notch! Thank you for all your hard work!!!"

Kristina Wolf, Norfolk, VA

Absolutely amazing!!! They were fast, efficient, organized and so incredibly helpful! We had just moved into a new home and I was drowning in boxes and disorganization... Along with a one year old to take care of! Their “settling in” service is hands down the ONLY way to move. Their team is so versatile- they organize, install lighting, hang pictures and decor, assist in arranging furniture, unpack and organize, coordinate new closet shelving and racks, install fabulous open shelving in the kitchen- you name it, they do it! Amazing team of professionals- worth every penny!

Kim Odom, Virginia Beach, VA

I am so fortunate to have found Arange! Lisa and Richard and their amazing crew made my parents” move to Atlantic Shores a well organized transition from a large house with 65 years of history to a smaller villa. Lisa and Richard pre-planned the furniture arrangements and with my mother’s help and chose their most cherished treasures to bring to the new space. They brought joy to my parents during am extremely stressful time. Lisa was my trusted resource in finding the people to orchestrate moving day. They unpacked and removed all of the boxes, repaired anything that need it and even bought a bracket to fly our flag that had been in the attic for years! My brother and I could not be there all of the time and were so relived to know that we could focus on our parents’ and leave the house to Lisa . Richard created a design that was both personal and beautiful. After living there for a few weeks they are finding everything has a logical place and it is functional and attractive. They are so proud to invite friends and family to visit. Thank you Arange we are forever grateful!

Phyllis Sperling - Virginia Beach, VA

There are not enough superlatives to convey how amazing Arange’s Richard Lecours and Lisa Dailey were in the relocation of my mom to Atlantic Shores in Virginia Beach. They were invaluable in the planning, design, organization, unpacking, and set-up of her new home. Their willingness to lend their expertise and cooperate with me in every way made this move a seamless transition. Arange receives my highest recommendation

Mary Crandley - Virginia Beach, VA

"Our family has moved three times in the last six years, but this move was different. We hadn't moved with two small children and we were finally upsizing into our long term home. We are so happy Arange was recommended to us. I don't know what we would have done without them. Every member of the team brings their own expertise and compliments the others perfectly. On move in day everyone was able to sleep in their new rooms in a clean bed. By the end of day two, our new home felt like a home ... simply amazing!"

Judith Evans - Portsmouth, VA

"I can't believe how much we have accomplished in such a short time. I could not have done this without you!"

Anna Little – Managing Director of Sales Operations, Atlantic Shores Retirement Community

"It was my pleasure to work with Richard and Lisa as they assisted my client in organizing and staging her home for sale to make the big move to Atlantic Shores. They were a perfect fit; their attention to detail and patience in working with the client were extraordinary. Once the new residence here was selected they were fast at work organizing the move, estate sale, renovations and even furniture shopping and interior design! I would recommend their services again and can’t wait for our next opportunity to work together!"

Robert & Wanda L., Bethesda, MD

"The service provided us in our relocation was outstanding. From start to finish we were more than satisfied with the entire process. Your professional approach throughout the planning, execution and follow up was definitely first class in all aspects. We could not be more pleased with the results. We have relocated a number of times and this move was by far the best ever. Thank you for your excellent effort on our behalf!"