The arange team

Arange was created by a team that has personal and professional experience with the work we do for our clients. We understand not just what needs to be done, but how it impacts you. Home is a very personal space, with memories, thoughts and emotions.

The Team

Lisa Dailey - Founder & President

Retail is one of those careers that gets in your blood and becomes a passion. For Lisa, after 25 wonderful, crazy, years it was time for a change.  Fortunately, managing a Macys store prepares you for almost anything and her new passion became organizing.  Between working with the public, managing large teams, and constantly trying to find new ways to fit 10 pounds into a 5 pound space, organizing allows her to use all the skills she's developed and have quite a bit of fun at the same time!

Born into a military family that frequently moved prepared Lisa at an early age to understand the need for simplicity and organization.  The ability to discern what is and is not important also served her well through 9 moves in her adult life and career, ensuring her “stuff” is meaningful and without excess clutter. 

Lisa's perspective is "Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely have things I don’t need (like my wine cork collection) but they fit in my home, look attractive, and don’t overwhelm what’s really important … living!"

She believes everyone deserves the joy and peace that comes along with having an organized home but it can be an overwhelming task.  With a natural instinct and sincere desire to help others through a challenge, she has discovered that downsizing, organizing, and “aranging” is the perfect way to help others achieve those feelings in their homes.

Richard Lecours - Founder & CEO

Richard has worked most of his career in retailing, for many years managing some of the larger Macy’s stores in the Washington DC area and, most recently, for two years, at Louis Vuitton in Hawaii. While relocating back to the east coast, he took a bit of time off to help a friend get her organizing/downsizing business up and running and got hooked. What he and the friend began to realize was that there was a strong need for this kind of service in the Hampton Roads area but that it would take their combined skills to best serve their clients. They worked well together and each brought different things to the table that combined to make a great team … and so, Arange was born! Now, with Lisa Dailey, they’ve developed a company that can meet any needs client might have, however big or small.

While he’s always had strong organizational habits, leading teams brought out a talent to help others get organized in ways that worked well for them. This, combined with developing both executives and selling professionals to deliver a luxury level of customer service gave Richard the confidence to become an entrepreneur and business owner.

Outside of work, Richard enjoys travel, photography, movies and reading. He’s a devoted uncle and likes to spend time with family and friends. 

Our Organizing Assistants

All our organizing assistants are employees, they have liability & workers comp insurance and have passed a background check. They’re also really nice and fun to work with!