Unpack & Settle-In

Unpack and Settle-In

Imagine moving into a new home and being fully settled in 1-2 days … impossible, right?

 Well, with the right help, it's not only possible but easily accomplished. That’s where we come in. We’re not movers, but come in right as the mover is delivering all those boxes and furniture and get busy! We’ll unpack it all and, with your input, get everything unpacked, put away and placed so that you can not just exist in your new home , but LIVE in it just days after the move.


What we do :

  • Unpack every box and get the contents organized into drawers, closets, and cabinets.

  • Set up lamps, accessories and electronics.

  • Hang art and photographs.

  • Organize garages and attics so that what you need can be easily found and accessed.

  • Remove all boxes and packing materials and arrange for their disposal and/or recycling.

How it works :

 We start as your mover is delivering your belongings. We’ll help direct the delivery into each room and immediately start situating furniture and unpacking the boxes. Because we’ve got people spread throughout the house you can “float” guiding the process, giving us the input we need to set things up to work best for you and your family. We’ll make suggestions along the way so that you can consider all the options.

 What our clients say :

Our family has moved three times in the last six years, but this move was different in that we hadn’t moved with two small children and we were finally upsizing into our long term home. Every member of the team brings their own expertise and compliments the others perfectly. On move-in day, everyone was able to sleep in their new rooms in a clean bed. By the end of the second day, our new home felt like HOME ... it was simply amazing!
— Mary, Virginia Beach